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Live Blackjack Dealers

Understanding how the live blackjack dealers game works and the basic rules of the game is a must in order to make a living in this entertaining game visit here for more information As a beginner, you are naturally interested in getting an idea of when to ask for more cards and when not to, when to double your bet or split your hand and when to surrender. And it's understandable since it's crucial to your game that you understand the consequences these traits have. Hitting (getting more cards), standing (able), doubling your bet (double), sharing your hand (splitting) and surrendering (surrender) are the possible features you as a blackjack player have during the game. Each of these possible features is described below.

Finding a live blackjack dealer means asking the dealer for one or more cards. You can ask for as many cards as possible until the total value of the cards exceeds 21. When you no longer want more cards, you "stand". Standing in blackjack means you don't want more cards. That is, you think you could win the round with the cards you received, or you predict that a card will bring your total card value over 21, so you bust.

You can choose to double your bet once you have seen the two cards you have been dealt by the live blackjack dealers. Once you have doubled, be aware that you can only get one more card - so you cannot find multiple times afterward It is therefore recommended by most live blackjack dealers experts that you only double if you sit with one hand with a total card value of 9, 10 or 11. Here you can not bust when you get another card. And if you get a high card like a card with a value of 10 you are guaranteed a hand with a value of either 19, 20 or 21, which is considered a strong hand.

You have the opportunity to split your hand when you have a pair on hand - for example, two 9s. Here you can divide your hand into two individual hands. You can only split your hand (split) at the beginning of the blackjack game visit here with the two cards originally dealt by the dealer. Each hand is then played in a normal way until you stand or bust.

The possibility of surrender "surrender" is found in most online casinos. By surrendering, you automatically lose half your effort, but get the other half back. Surrender is therefore used only if you feel confident in losing weight. You cannot surrender if you have split your hand or if the dealer has blackjack. Be aware that once you have met once that is, asked for cards again you only have the option of asking for more cards or standing. When you have found, you cannot double, split or surrender any longer.