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Basic Roulette Strategies

Roulette is probably the best known casino game. It dates back to 19th-century, from which it is believed the game originated. Roulette is 100 percent a game of chance where your only decision is made before the start of the game - namely when you choose your bet and where to place it.However, there are different variants of the roulette wheel and you may have seen that some wheels have two green squares while others have only one. In this review of the roulette rules, we explain the difference between roulette, as well as the types of bets you can make at a roulette table.

There are many different types of bets you can make at the roulette wheel, and some are more profitable to hit than others. Playing on red / black is approx. 50/50, and therefore also only double the bet, while hitting a number right on gives you the biggest payout in roulette. On the game board, all fields corresponding to the fields on the roulette wheel are available. These are divided into a table with 3 columns and 12 rows and contain fields 1 to 36. Above the table are the fields 0 and any. 00 located.

By placing a chip on the line between two fields, you can play on both of these fields. Ie that the effort per field is half the value of the chip. Odds are 17: 1. Roulette rules say that you can play in a row of three squares by placing your chip next to that row. Odds are 11: By placing your chip in the corner between four fields, you play on these four fields. Odds are 8: 1.

Here you play on the numbers 1 to 36 dozens ie. groups 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. There are special fields for these bets. Odds are 2: 1. By placing a chip at the end of a column, you play on all fields in that column ie. 12 fields in total. Odds are 2: 1. By placing a chip in the red or black field, you play on the color of the field and cover a total of 18 fields. Roulette rules are clear - you can play both red and black In the same spin but it doesn't really make sense Odds are 1: 1.When all players have made their bet, the roulette wheel is triggered and the ball is dispatched. Then it's all about crossing fingers, doing your "let's get lucky" rain dance or otherwise via ritual bliss to see if you can make the bullet land in the field that gives you the big win.