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Online Craps Strategy

Craps is a 2-dice game that can involve multiple players. Many are of the opinion that Craps is the most fun casino game of all because it is action-packed, social and hammering fun. If you visit a “real casino” in the Las Vegas gaming town, you will often find that most people are around the craps table. This is because of the activity in the game and that you are easily torn by the mood.

But do you even know the rules for Craps? And what about online marketing crap's strategies? How do you actually play this amazing game that you have most likely seen in numerous productions of all time? In this article, we look more closely at the rules and strategy of Craps, so you are dressed to "roll the dice" when you next find yourself near a Craps table.Each game consists of a series of rolls with the dice. The players around the Craps table take turns being the shooter (ie the one who rolls the dice) and the shooter throws for as long as he gets the highest number of eyes.

The first roll of each game is called the come out roll. The shooter wins immediately if he achieves 7 or 11 and loses immediately if he achieves 2.3 or 12. If he achieves 4,5,6,8,9 or 10, this number is established as his 'point'. If he then achieves his 'point' again before he reaches 7, he has won. If he reaches 7 before he gets his point, he has lost and the player to his left becomes a new shooter.Payback on an odds bet is made according to the true odds, ie. (the bet) x (the probability of winning) and therefore makes it a very strong bet where you come very close to playing straight up with the casino.

Once the shooter has found his 'point', the 'puck' (a piece, with white side up) is placed on the field corresponding to the 'point'. Here it stays until the shooter has achieved his point or scored 7, after which it is placed (with black side up) in the 12s field.In craps there are several ways to make bets. Anyone can make bets, whether you are a shooter or not and you can combine the single bets.Below we have divided the types of bets into two categories, namely "the simple bets" and "other bets". The simple bets are the most frequent Craps players make at the tables, where the slightly more "advanced bets" can be found under other bets.