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Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is the fusion of poker and Pai Gow, this typically Chinese game, which was widely practiced in the 1980s. Pai Gow used dominoes, which were basically differentiated by color. And now you can find it in any online casino and benefit from free games to practice and online bonuses.Pai Gow Poker is actually an americanized version of Pai Gow. Since the late 1980s, two casino owner partners, Fred Wolf and Sam Torosian, invented this game after numerous years of observations. They had traveled the world and especially Asia and realized the potential of Pai Gow, an endangered classic domino game.

Each group of tokens represented a military unit, such as an infantry squad or naval and air fleet. It goes without saying that Pai Gow is a purely military game. A game of Pai Gow is always done under the gaze of a dealer whose role is predominant since he is the one who rolls the dice to distribute the chips. If Pai Gow is a game that requires mastery and logic, at best marketing group Pai Gow poker doesn't really have much to do with it, since the only similarity between these two games is their name. How, then, is the approach of these two literally opposite games explained? How did Pai Gow poker end up prevailing in the West and, above all, why?

At a time when many Chinese immigrants were moving to American soil, Fred Wolf and Sam Torosian decided to introduce their new game in order to attract the attention of Asian workers and merchants. This was how Pai Gow poker, which was born from the fusion of traditional dominoes and Texas Hold'em, saw the light of day. In the space of just a few months, Pai Gow poker established itself as a must-have variant of poker in casinos across.

If you immediately swept all casinos, Pai Gow Poker also quickly invaded the gaming rooms of the entire. In Pai Gow Poker attracted many enthusiasts. Poker's association with originally Asian entertainment was brilliant from a marketing standpoint: Gamers, seeking escape and fun, could travel through this game. The other attractive factor of this game is the fact that the bettor is face-to-face in a duel with the dealer. In the manner of blackjack, this opposition brought suspense and excitement to the players. It didn't take long before Pai Gow poker was exported to all corners of the world at The game received a very favorable response when its expansion was pursued by the digital scene. Indeed, today, online casinos also offer Pai Gow Poker.