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Playing Online Video Poker

The first video poker games saw the light of day for the first time in the 1970s, when the limited technology of the day made the video poker machines some big scraps of a piece of furniture that took up too many square feet in casinos and which - with regard to graphics and game play - looked like something from… yes, forty years ago. Today's technology has made video poker more accessible as you can now play it at home in the living room of your PC, mobile or tablet. Not only is video poker easily accessible, but it has also become far more enjoyable to play as the game slides smoothly and the graphics are razor-sharp. There are several variants of video poker, with the two most popular being “Jacks Or Better” and “Deuces Wild”. While these games are very similar, there are some that are worth knowing.

Video poker is the common term for draw poker on a slot machine. Thus, unlike real online poker, there are no real cards within opponents, there are many different variants of video poker. In what follows, we look at a few of the most prevalent ones. In video poker you have no opponent and you win based on the rank of your final hand. Each variant includes a pay table that shows how much each closing hand is worth.

You start by betting a certain number of coins between one and five. The more coins you bet, the better the odds you usually get. Once you have chosen your bet you will receive five cards. And you must then specify which cards you want to keep and which ones you want to get replaced. You can only have one card replaced once, and it is determined whether you have won on your hand.

Jacks Or Better is probably the best-known variant of video poker, and here it is in the name that it is important to get at least a few guys or better before there is a win. The maximum payout is 1: 4000, which comes to payout if you bet the maximum (five coins) and hit a royal flush. Jacks Or Better is also available in a multi-hand variant where you can play multiple hands at the same time. It increases the excitement and at the same time your gains when it goes well. Jacks Or Better is a game that virtually all online casinos have in their arsenal of cool casino games, but it comes in many different designs and variants. However, the rules are always the same and you can play most places via your PC, mobile or tablet.